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5 cold email writing tips to make you hate yourself even more

There are a few proven steps you can take to double (even triple!) how much you hate yourself.

Office Life

Survey: 72% of employees think their coworkers aren’t good communicators

34% of people surveyed think that GIFs and emojis "are appropriate for workplace communication," 66% would rather give them a hard pass.


How to write an out-of-office email that works

The added bonuses of humor can sweeten the out-of-office message, but ultimately, all you need to do is let people know that you are alive yet unreachable.


Almost half of employees worldwide think they could do their job in 5 hours or less each day

The case is getting stronger for a shorter workweek. According to a global survey of nearly 3,000 employees across eight nations conducted by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, 78% of full-time workers say it would take less than seven hours each day to do their job.


Top recruiters dish 8 interview mistakes to avoid

Who better to ask the do's and don'ts of interview mistakes and the processthen the vice president and senior account manager of Career Group Companies.


Is it ‘between you and I’ or ‘between you and me’?

Grammar is tough, and sometimes we understand the rules but not all the way. This is the correct way to say and write certain things.


Why this CEO actually supports the 5-day workweek

Forget the trend of shorter workweeks, this CEO doesn't feel like she has enough time to get through everything she needs to in five days.


Working for a company vs. working for yourself

There are major perks and downsides to both.


How to effectively remove departmental jargon from your work communication

In today’s fast-paced, streamlined workplace, buzzwords permeate the landscape … value-add, deliverable, leverage, take it to the next level, it is what it is. And when you get deeper into workplace departments, the jargon gets even more confusing: internet of things, return on investment, total quality management, bleeding edge, capacity planning.


How to write a must-open, cold work email

Sending a cold email can be an anxiety-provoking task, but it's not without benefits. Sometimes, doing it the hard way makes for the greatest success story.


What the new Gmail does and how to undo it

Google has rolled out new features for the redesign of its popular mail client that are now available to users. Here are some of the more interesting ones.


The best closing lines for 5 critical work emails

To help people compose emails with impact, here’s a short guide on how to conclude each message based on a particular scenario.

Office culture

A startup forced employees to take vacation and ignore emails, and the results were astounding

Vacation time was mandatory during an experiment at a small startup called SimpliFlying and productivity and happiness increased afterward.


4 things successful people do in the last 15 minutes of their workday

The most successful people use the last few minutes to finish tasks, preparing for the next day, building relationships, and keeping work at the office.


24% of Americans think reaching ‘inbox-zero’ is an impossibility

Previous research found the average worker's inbox has 199 unread emails and new data shows that 24% of Americans think reaching "inbox-zero" is impossible.

Words at Work

Survey: 25% of Americans call this ‘the most annoying’ phrase used in work emails

New research shows that 25% of Americans think one phrase, in particular, is "the most annoying" one used in work emails.


How to improve your networking skills at big events

You might be new to the practice, or you might be an experienced networker. Either way, there’s always room for improvement — here are six ways to hone the skill and shine at your next networking event.


4 tips for following up with a professional contact after what feels like forever

What happens when you go to a conference and meet a ton of new faces, but fail to follow up with them? Or when you let a year go by without contacting your mentor, who has been so invested in your development all along?


How to apply for a job even if the company isn’t hiring

You can wait for hiring opportunities or you can grab them. A polished email introduction to a company could change the entire course of your career.

Office Life

Google is making it easier to reschedule your meetings

If you're planning meetings, you have likely been caught in the endless cycle of 'availability when?' emails. But now, Google is introducing a better way.


6 writing mistakes leaders should never make

Here are six writing mistakes leaders often make. Correct the errors, and your reputation throughout the office will improve.


5 surprising self-care habits

The goal of self-care, really, is to do something that helps you feel better about yourself and your life, even if it’s only temporary.


How your partner’s career suffers when you receive rude emails

Getting a rude email at work is not just going to ruin your day — it's also going to ruin your partner's day (and work) later on.


5 of the best keyboard shortcuts you probably aren’t using

It’s safe to say you probably abide by the basics, but there are numerous keyboard shortcuts you’re probably missing out on. (Seriously, there’s so much more to the world of life-changing shortcuts than Command + F.)


Business jargon for the home

Here is some corporate jargon that we’ve found useful for the home and how you can use it.