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Heidi N. Moore

Editor in Chief

Heidi N. Moore is the editor in chief of Ladders. Before that, she consulted international newsrooms on how to improve their journalism and increase their reach. Before that, she was the business editor at Mashable, where she revamped the business coverage, and started the business and personal finance sections for the Guardian US. Previously, she was the New York bureau chief for Marketplace Radio and a reporter at the Wall Street Journal covering the world financial crisis. She enjoys photography, travel, and pictures of cute pets.

Email: hmoore@theladders.com

Kirsten Salyer

Senior Editor

Kirsten Salyer is senior editor of Ladders. Previously, she was the Deputy Ideas Editor at TIME and the former Engagement Editor at Bloomberg View. She is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Email: ksalyer@theladders.com

Jane Burnett


Jane Burnett is a former Reuters Assistant Virtual Reality Producer, where she produced 360° videos and slideshows on the company’s first-ever team of its kind. Throughout college, she was a four-summer intern at CNBC Global Headquarters through the Emma Bowen Foundation for Minority Interests in Media. She also ran a fashion blog and studied Communications and Sociology while abroad at the American University of Rome. Jane is a May 2016 graduate of the American University School of Communications in Washington, D.C.

Email: jburnett@theladders.com

Monica Torres


Monica Torres is a journalist living in Brooklyn, New York, who previously worked as a trending news editor for Facebook. She has written about tech, feminism, and sports for Fusion, Real Life magazine, Slate, and the Hairpin.

Email: mtorres@theladders.com

Patrick Jones

Social Video Producer

Patrick Jones is Ladders’ Social Video Producer. He’s a graduate of American University with a Master’s in Film and Video and hasn’t found a cheese he doesn’t like.

Email: pjones@theladders.com

Amara Mahmood

Marketing Coordinator

Amara Mahmood is the marketing coordinator at Ladders. Previously, she was the Digital Marketing and Outreach Coordinator at Hungry Marketing in Brooklyn, NY. She is passionate about all things social media.

Email: amahmood@theladders.com

Spencer Beggs

Senior Software Engineer

Spencer Beggs is senior software engineer at Ladders. Previously, he was a senior software engineer at Conde Nast. Before that, he was a multimedia producer for the New York Times.

Email: sbeggs@theladders.com

Ashley Siebels

Editorial Designer

Ashley Siebels is the editorial designer at Ladders. She is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She’s a fast reader and a slow runner.

Email: asiebels@theladders.com

Ryan Sager

Editorial Director

Ryan Sager is the editorial director of Ladders. Previously, he was the editorial director of TIME Ideas. Before that, he developed and launched Review, the popular WSJ Weekend section devoted to books and ideas — home to essays including the Journal’s most-read story of 2011 on “Tiger Parenting,” 2012’s most-read story on French parenting, and Marc Andreessen’s “Why Software Is Eating the World.” He lives in Brooklyn. By choice.

Email: rsager@theladders.com

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